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At Exthetics we believe in a fusion of science and beauty. We offer amazing skin care and beauty services designed to rejuvenate, rejuvenate and rejuvenate. Our experts commitment is to provide you with advanced treatment that is not only effective but also tailored to your specific needs. Dive into our curated list of treatments and discover the unique benefits we bring to each service.

Price list:

Standard Consultation£50
Skincare Consultation
In depth skin analysis with report using the Observ skin scanner
One area (frown/crows feet)£160
Two areas (frown and forehead/crows feet)£200
Three areas (frown, forehead and crows feet£260
Three areas + Profhilo£475
Jawline Slimming (tooth grinding)£300
Nerfetiti neck lift (platysmal bands)£350
Toxin treatment for excessive underarm sweating£395
Gummy smile*£160
Bunny lines*£160
Chin (pebbled/dimpled chin)*£160
Downturned mouth*£160
Smokers lines (top lip)*£160
*add on treatment with upper face anti wrinkle – £50

Lip Augmentation – 1ml£285
Dermal filler – 1ml£275
Dermal Filler – 2ml *£550
Dermal Filler – 3ml *£750
Tear Trough Filler – 2ml£475
Profhilo (Single Course)£295
Profhilo (Initial Treatment – Course of 2)£495
Profhilo Body (2 x 3ml syringe) *£575
Skinboosters – 2ml£250
Skinboosters (Course of 3)£595
Polynucleotide treatments£295
Polynucleotide treatments (Course of 3) *£695
Microneedling treatment with Exosome£345
Microneedling treatment with Exosome (Course of 2) *£645
Hair Loss treatment with Exosomes£345
Hair Loss treatment with Exosomes(Course of 5) *£1450
Blue Radiance Obagi Peel + LED Light Therapy£100
Dermaplaning with LED Light Therapy£85
Microneedling (with LED Light Therapy)£145
Microneedling – session (with LED Light Therapy) – Course of 6 *£725
Dermalux™ Flex LED Therapy post Injectable Treatment£20
RadioFrequency Microneedling (Cutera Secret RF) – Single treatment with LED Light Therapy *£550
RadioFrequency Microneedling (Cutera Secret RF) – Course of 3 with LED Light Therapy *£1400 (saving of £250)
RadioFrequency Microneedling (Cutera Secret RF) with Exosomes – Single treatment *£750
RadioFrequency Microneedling (Cutera Secret RF) with Exosomes – Course of 3 *£1900 (saving of £350)
*discretionary payment plans available

**Full Skin Consultation – in depth skin analysis with report using the Observ skin scanner, Obagi skincare and LED light therapy

Anti Wrinkle + Profhilo Offer

For consultations and more treatment information please contact us

At Exthetics Clinic, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of care and support but also to helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you deserve. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all your skincare needs. Let us help you take the first step towards a more confident, radiant you.

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